Giving T-Mobile A Chance

Faith does not play a large role in my life, but it was with a sense of blind belief that I ejected my AT&T SIM card and gave T-Mobile a shot at being the carrier for my wireless digital life.

Who wouldn’t want to think they could get quality unlimited voice minutes and SMS messages, plus plenty of data, for half the price of the big carriers. I wanted to believe so badly! Yet it was not to be. Even when I had “4G” data, the speed was so slow as to be frustrating, I only had Edge (2G) data in many places, I saw “No Service” way more often than I should, and many attempts to make a plain old voice call left me with “Call Failed”.

By the end of the second day, I couldn’t wait to rush home and reacquaint my phone’s innards with the AT&T SIM card I had left on my desk. Coming back to AT&T (not the perfect carrier by a long shot) was like waking up from a bad dream. Sometimes a bargain just isn’t a bargain. Too bad.

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