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Elliot Mintz’s Saturday Night Irregulars

In the way way past, I was one of Elliot Mintz’s Saturday Night Irregulars when he hosted his talk show on KABC in Los Angeles. I was “Jim with the Phone Report”. My friend Richard Ozer was “Richard with the Phone Report (we often gave the weekly report together thanks to our rigged-up conferencing (this was years before 3-Way Calling)). My elementary school buddy Michael Roth would give his Sports Report.

It is interesting to see that one’s future career can often be foretold in primary school. I don’t know what happened to Richard Ozer, but Michael Roth works in sports and I work in telecommunications.

I was reminded of all this when I was cleaning up my apartment recently and came across my 1974 membership card for the American Irregular Guild, a loose-knit club of fellow Saturday Night Irregulars. Elliot would never let us give out contact information over the air, so callers would devise clever ways to give out their contact info. The one that I first heard was something like “Hay is worth 12.49 in Los Angeles, and that’s 90028.” Not in the habit of writing letters, I had my dad look up the address in a reverse phone directory and I called her. Was it the Latvian Radical Bunny Rabbit? I’m not sure now, 30 years later. I searched the web for other mentions of the Irregulars and didn’t find any, so I’m putting up this little mention and wondering if other former Irregulars might be out there somewhere. I should get some of my old airchecks up on the web.

As a result of this post, I have been contacted by some former Irregulars (Mike with the Chicken Report) and I got back in touch with Richard Ozer.

I also heard from the sister of the Latvian Radical Bunny Rabbit, but she has lost touch with her sister and presumably found this post while looking for her.