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Spring in Yosemite

Spring Vacation 1998 was spent with UCSD Wilderness Club in Yosemite. Due to weather, we didn’t get to do any of the activities we planned, but we still had a good time doing day-hikes and spending the cold evenings in front the fireplace at Curry Village before being kicked out each evening and being sent back to our (cold and wet) campsite.

1998 Japan Trip

I’m back in Japan for a few weeks for the first time in 26 months. I’ll be back in my San Diego office on 1998-03-30. Lots of things have broken in the last two years and my main job here is to fix it all.
This includes:

  • Replacing bad Dialogic card in tokyo05
  • Replacing dead ESDI hard drive (and the good ESDI one too for that matter) in tokyo07.
  • Get incoming call routing to fax machine fixed
  • Well, that’s all that’s really broken (and the first problem has already been fixed before lunch time on the first day). Let’s take a look at what I said I would do last time I was here:

    I’m here for a few weeks (95/12/03 to 95/12/23) installing some new software to handle credit-card transactions.

    That is still the goal. We’re just doing the credit-card stuff in a slightly different way.

    New Business Cards (don’t think I’ll get around to it)

    I didn’t, and I don’t know if I will this time. Printing here is so expensive.

    Renew driver’s license (no time!)

    Same again. I can’t renew my license without an Alien Registration Card and that takes three weeks to get.

    Stock up on cassette tapes (can’t get odd-lengths in US)

    I still have lots of tapes from last time, and besides, I don’t do tapes anymore now that I have my CD recorder.

    Stock up on label printer tapes (cheaper and more varieties here)

    Yup. I need to pick up some of these, especially the 6 mm variety that I use for CD jewel case spines.

    Buy black jeans for Mom (Edwin London Slim 06 Tight Slim)

    She wants another pair, and I need some Edwin Soft Jeans (not available in the U.S.) myself.

    Check out any new Universal Remote Controls

    I don’t have much hope here. I may end up getting the Marantz one as that seems to have the most flexibility.

    Check the latest cameras (I think I’ll wait for APS in Spring ’96)

    I’ll still give it a look, but I just received a new APS camera from my mom the day I left.

    Stock up on A4 paper (so hard to find in the US!)

    Too heavy to carry and I found a source in the U.S.

    Look for any new gadgets

    Well, of course! This is what trips to Japan are all about. Most of the good stuff never quite makes it to the shores of the States.

    See friends

    Again, a given, if they still remember who I am.

    Other things to do:

  • Clean up all these boxes belonging to Int’l Telcom
  • Inventory everything
  • Set up Voice over IP machine
  • Buy pajamas
  • Buy liquid soap (unique Japanese smell)
  • Buy shampoo (same here)
  • Buy photo albums (I prefer the Japanese ones)
  • Buy a new tea pot for two
  • Tokyo Fax: +81 3 5389 0188