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Central Europe trip

I am grabbing my small backpack and hitting the road again. All I know for sure is that I fly into Frankfurt and return from Budapest seven weeks later. What routes I take between those two points is currently unknown. Possible intermediary destinations include Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria, but I doubt I’ll hit them all. I tend to prefer a less-rushed approach, lingering for longer in fewer locales.

I’ll be riding trains and staying in hostels, so as to keep myself firmly planted in reality. Fancy hotels tend to isolate you from the local culture (and drain your wallet).

I have, however, made a few concessions to modern technology. I’m not bringing my laptop, but I have a small GSM phone and plan to buy a SIM in each country so that I can be reached more easily than in the past. I’ll also be logging on from Internet kiosks every few days.

I should be back in San Diego by December 6th.