Chinese Breakfast in San Diego

There are only two places I know of in San Diego that serve a pretty full non-Cantonese Chinese breakfast: Shanghai City and Chin's Seafood.

Shanghai City (老正兴) is at 3860 Convoy St. #105, San Diego, 92111. Tel: (858) 278-5883.

Chin's Seafood is inside the Holiday Inn in Mira Mesa, and the address is 9335 Kearny Mesa Blvd., San Diego, 92126. Tel: (858) 536-2300.

However, the menus for both of the above are only in Chinese, so bring along a Chinese friend.  Anyone who wants to help translate, please send in your translations and I'll post them here.

Update: A reader has sent in a first stab at a translation. See Page 1 and Page 2. Note that this is a work in progress.
Sam Woo does have a breakfast menu, but it's pretty limited.

I'd be happy to hear about any others that people know about.  I'm not that familiar with the batch of Chinese restaurants further south, along University Ave. for example.

Here is Shanghai City's brunch menu.  It says they serve it 10:00 to 15:00 Saturdays and Sundays, but in reality they often don't open until about 11:00.

Shanghai City Brunch Menu

A more detailed look at Shanghai City can be found on mmm-yoso!!!, my favorite local food blog.

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